Thursday, 20 April 2017

Little Troopers Seperation Packs

"Our Little Trooper Separation packs have been a great success. The aim being the resources ease and aid the separation from a soldier parent. Families can order directly and individually via our online shop or some Unit Welfare Offices are choosing to fund these for families, if you would like a sample pack sent to your Welfare Office for consideration do send us their details.

These packs include various resources and if you have any feedback or addtions you'd like to see contact us;

Pack includes:
  • World Map with stickers giving the child a place to plot where they have lived with the Army, where they have been on holiday and where their soldier has been. A space for their soldiers details and picture
  • Chuff Charts - 10 monthly charts that are generic and can be used for just one month at a time or an entire tour giving you the flexibility to count down the timeframes that work for your family unit. A space for notes so the child can share on the soldiers return what they did that month.
  • Postcards pack - 6 illustrated postcards with envelopes for the child to write/draw on and send to their soldier wherever they may be; Missing you, To my Soldier x 2, From your Little Trooper, Look what I've been up to & Welcome Home
  • Parent Deployment Booklet - hints and tips from you, for you... we've taken and shared all your great ideas for surviving when your soldiers are away, ideas and things to do with your Little Troopers to help them through the time
  • Little Trooper Passport - Unique to your Little Trooper and every event they come to with My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures they get a stamp
A great resource pack to help your children feel supported, to understand seperation and to stay connected to their soldier wherever they may be in the world.