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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Families Accommodation - e1132 Application

Below is a list of the most common mistakes made on e1132 forms which result in them being rejected and delaying your housing allocation. Before you press send make sure that you have double checked all your entries especially the following;
  1. Ensure that all your details are those on JPA, i.e use your full name and check that your service number and date of birth are correct
  2. Incorrect duty station – many people put their unit or trade here instead of duty station
  3. Incorrect Pstat – this must be what it will be on occupation, for example, if you are getting married put down Pstat 1
  4. Not entitled – families submit an application as for an entitled applicant but it should be an eligible application for surplus or for a non-entitled transfer
  5. Incorrect family information – for example, dates of birth with transposed figures, information not matching with previous applications, baby due date of more than nine months
Where errors occur the application will be rejected back to the serving person 
along with a reason for the rejection.
If you are in any doubt ask your Unit Welfare Office for advice. 
1st Battalion Coldstream Guards Unit Welfare Team - 01753 755584
The Household Cavalry Unit Welfare Team - 01753 842370

What happens if my soldier is away?
Unit Welfare Offices have access to DII and families will be able to complete the e1132 and view properties there. If your soldier has access to DII or the defence intranet where they are, then they can still apply and in some circumstances paper applications are still allowed. If you have trouble filling in the e-1132 self-preference form yourself, contact your UWO as they can help you complete it.

Paper version of the 1132 - The paper version is only to be used in the following situations;
  • Personnel deployed on Ops
  • Defence Attaches and Exchange Officers
  • Personnel overseas, where Defence Intranet is not available
  • Special Forces personnel, where Defence Intranet is not available
  • Non admin/management personnel, where Defence Intranet is not readily available
  • Recruiting Officers, where Defence Intranet is not available.