Friday, 19 August 2016

Ben’s Place

The Ben Regan Ex-service personnel and family Drop-In is open on the third Thursday of every month at Merstham Community Facility Trust, Portland Drive, Merstham Surrey. RH1 3H. Between 10am – 2pm.
How the Drop-In Works
When you walk through the door, you will be greeted with a friendly smile by one of our volunteers,.… have a cup of tea … and chat to one of our  Volunteers or one of our Support Representative.
You will always be welcome to visit, whether you have a problem to address, or would just like to see what we are all about.
Rest assured, whatever the reason for your “dropping in”, we will do our best for you
About Us
We are a monthly drop-in service at the Community Hub, Merstham.  Started by Merstham Community Facility Trust , with funding received in memory of Guardsman Ben Regan who was killed following a road traffic accident in 2015. In this way his memory can live on and help other ex-service personnel and their families. It is a unique mix of public, private and charity sectors offering one-stop assistance pro bono to Exforces Personnel, and their families needing help following military service. This includes legal, housing, financial, employment help and mental health support

Agencies benefit enormously from Ben’s Place, giving them access to clients in a non-threatening environment alongside complementary services and mental health support. This enhances their effectiveness, addresses all veterans’ needs at once and saves duplication and travel.
 A current list of Agencies is being developed it is hoped that  they will include The Royal British Legion (TRBL), SSAFA, Combat Stress, SERVES Project and a mix of locally based charities.
Ben’s memorial Money will meet the cost of running expenses (room hire, refreshments, stationery, insurance etc) for a short period then we shall seek funding from other sources.
Family Support
Very often family members need as much support as the veterans themselves. Ben’s Place aims to provide the same confidential and friendly support for families as they do for ex-service personnel and has links to other family organisations.
We know that if you live with, or care about, someone with Service-related mental health problems, everyone in the home is affected.
Many Veterans’ problems can stay hidden for years, and they and their families may try to deal with matters at home. In the meantime, relationships do suffer. Partners often tell us that it feels like they are walking on eggshells and tend to be in the front line for reactions. And children can find it difficult to cope with the situation too.
Often it is the partner and family who acts as a buffer between the Veteran and the world. Circumstances can lead to social isolation as friends fall away.

 Although we specialise in supporting Veterans, we hope be able to help you too.